Professional Development

News Sep 25, 2020

Mrs Reid and Mrs Hepburn were invited to share their professional learning at the Scottish Learning Festival 2016. Their seminar was both well-attended and received, with teachers from across Scotland wanting to find out more about how to improve Literacy Skills through an original enquiry approach.

Both teachers presented another seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival 2017. The theme was Equity & Excellence and Mrs Reid and Mrs Hepburn shared their collaborative enquiry work around Thinking Skills.

The SCEL Enquire Conference in 2017 also focused on professional enquiry and Mrs Reid and Mrs Hepburn facilitated a teacher workshop.

Mrs Reid was seconded by Education Scotland to be a tutor for the SCEL Teacher Leadership Programme. She did this for a few years and supported teachers from across the country to adopt an enquiry approach to develop Learning and Teaching in their schools.


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