Prime Minister's virtual visit postponed.

Dec 17, 2020

Muthill Primary School has been invited to represent Scotland in a Special Edition of People’s PMQs. One primary school from each nation has been selected to pose some questions directly to the Prime Minister, who will be in his office, via Zoom.

Each school has been asked to select two pupils to ask the Prime Minister two questions, so Laurel and Ruairidh (P6) will ask our questions. We also have permission to ask a third, lighter question which Struan (P7) will ask. P5/6/7 will also be present at the virtual meeting. Being a Rights Respecting School that also campaigns for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we have based our questions around these areas.

Many thanks to Mrs Hepburn, Mrs Hendry and Mrs Jarvie who helped to create a wonderfully apt and festive backdrop for the event!

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