Links with Ghana

Learn about the partnership between Muthill Primary and the Juliet Johnston School in Eastern Ghana!

The Global Goals song written by two Muthill Primary School pupils and performed by children from Muthiil PS and the Juliet Johnston School in Tafo, Ghana.

The Scotland-Ghana Story

Our partnership with the Juliet Johnston School in Eastern Ghana began in 2008. Since then we have hosted 16 Ghanaian teachers and many of our teachers, head teachers (and some former pupils) have visited the Juliet Johnston School. The work we do encourages children and families in both schools to develop informed attitudes about the world they live in and the part they can play in it.

Muthill Primary School, Scotland and the Juliet Johnston School, Ghana have worked collaboratively on sustainable development issues, through DFID-funded joint curricular projects and Connecting Classrooms programmes. We have worked on shared learning contexts together and participated in international campaigns and competitions. Our favourite thing to do together is to write, perform and record songs with a global message together. See our Water song here and our Global Goals song above.

We have been retained the highest level of the International Schools Award since 2013. Many of our pupils present alongside Mrs Reid, the International Schools Co-ordinator, at national conferences, university lectures, webinars and community events. Martha Cannon, a former P7 pupil, represented the UK and spoke at the 2018 Education Ministers G20 meeting in Argentina.

It was a compliment to both Muthill Primary and the Juliet Johnston School to have our work commended in our HMI inspection:

“Outstanding approaches to learning about sustainability, citizenship and global issues. The school’s work over the last decade in this area is making a real difference to children, the local community of Muthill and a community further afield in Ghana.”

To sum up, Assietu Assi, a P6 Ghanaian pupil says “We should keep working together, bringing our minds together for smart and beautiful projects.”

Find out more about the Juliet Johnston School at

Muthill Primary School, Scotland, and Juliet Johnson School, Ghana, started an international partnership to give students and their families the chance to develop positive attitudes about the world they live in and the part they can play.Since then, the two schools have built a strong connection that embraces the wider school communities and continues to inspire learners long after they have moved on to further stages of their education.
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