100 People Village

Primary 6 Sep 30, 2020

Village News

The Village Chief visited us last week and told us the exciting news that gold has been found on the shore of the river in the north-west!

We went into our tribes and had 15 minutes to come up with a bid for the contract to work with the gold company. We had to say why we should be the tribe working to get the gold out of the ground.

Here are some of the reasons the tribes put forward at the meeting:

The Mischief Moos said “we would use the money to help our sick, get our children to go to school and we can start work earlier than all the other tribes and go to bed later because we live the closest.”

The Legendary Dragons said “we can afford to buy the hospital and cure all the sick for half price. We can also provide our own transport but we would like 7% of the gold.”

The Narwhals said “we could swim up the river and get there faster. We are a very rich tribe and have good internet access and electricity.” They also demanded a high wage and a big percentage of the gold found.

The Killers were split in their views but wanted some of the gold found. They said “we live quite far from the river but could offer protection around the site as we have weapons and we are strong.”

The Revenge tribe stated that they would share the money and the gold with all tribes in the village.

We waited for the Chief to make her decision. She chose the Mischief Moos because they were the poorest and she could just pay them 1p each day and keep all the gold for herself!

This created uproar among the village tribes who complained that this was unfair and corrupt…

Written by Bo, Ruairidh and Mrs Reid in P5/6/7

Religious Beliefs Burned in 100 People Village!

All places of worship were burned down at the village of 100 people last month! The Chief had them burned down, stating that it was their gods that had caused the recent floodings. She also demanded everyone to worship her and she built a statue for people to come to and leave gifts at e.g. money, jewels and expensive stuff. Her guards collect the stuff that people leave. Nobody liked the idea. The villagers were angry and voiced the unfairness of the situation, but the Chief would not listen to reason. In the end, the Chief was told to leave the village because the villagers wanted democracy.

We needed a new leader who was fair and some of P5/6/7 felt they could do the job. The next week we all wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Bell to convince her to select one of the pupils to be the new leader. We are awaiting the news…

Written by Bo, Ruairidh and Mrs Reid in P5/6/7


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